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The Hungry Games (2016) Movie Info:
Director: Jason Hartung
Writer: Rico Mario
Stars: Angel Schroeder, Ryan Leyrer, Abbie Anderson
Comedy | 18 May 2016 (USA)

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The Hungry Games Movie Online Watch Free



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Haymitch induces Crane to change the guidelines to permit two victors on the off chance that they are from the same region, recommending this will calm the agitation. At the point when this change is reported, Katniss hunt down Peeta, discovering him injured in the wake of escaping from the Careers. After she moves him to security, they hear a declaration that what every survivor needs the most will be given at the Cornucopia. In spite of Peeta’s solid resistance, Katniss leaves to get prescription for him. Clove assaults and binds her; she then brags about her part in Rue’s demise. Katniss is spared when Thresh, District 11’s male tribute, murders Clove. He extras Katniss’ life — once — for Rue’s purpose. The pharmaceutical mends Peeta. Sift is executed by wild monsters unleashed by Crane; Katniss and Peeta race to the top of the Cornucopia, only in front of the creatures. There they discover Cato. After a serious battle, Peeta figures out how to toss Cato to the ground, where the mammoths assault him. Katniss then finishes Cato’s distress by shooting him with a bolt. Katniss and Peeta think they have won, however Crane scratchs off the tenet change: there can be one and only victor. Katniss then persuades Peeta to eat harmful Nightlock berries with her. Just before they do, they are quickly named co-champs of the 74th Hunger Games. A short time later, Haymitch cautions Katniss that she has made numerous foes by her demonstrations of rebellion. Snow has Crane secured a room where the main wellspring of sustenance is nightlock. As Katniss and Peeta come back to District 12, Snow considers the circumstance. Katniss urges Peeta to overlook what happened between them in the Games, crushing him. The tune “Safe and Sound” won a Grammy Award and was designated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song. For her execution, Lawrence won the Saturn Award for Best Actress, the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress in an Action Movie, the Empire Award for Best Actress and was likewise designated for the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress.

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