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Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016) Movie Info:
Director: Don Michael Paul
Writers: David H. Steinberg (screenplay), Timothy Harris (based on the film written by)
Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Fiona Vroom, Aleks Paunovic
Comedy | 17 May 2016 (USA)

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Kindergarten Cop 2 Movie Online Watch Free



Reviews of Kindergarten Cop 2 :

Here is the main trailer for Kindergarten Cop 2, which is a genuine motion picture and completely, 100 percent not an intricate trick on you, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger or some suit sitting in a Hollywood office. This is a real motion picture that has been made, and the trailer permits you the chance to look into the pit to check whether it additionally looks into you… or in the event that it is a tumor all things considered. Lundgren tackles the Schwarzenegger part in this spin-off, which arrives, gracious, around 26 years past the point of no return. It bodes well, as it were, as Lundgren and Schwarzenegger are both activity stars of the Euro influence, and both have featured in what’s coming to them of senseless motion pictures and wacky continuations. For reasons unknown, numerous individuals joined their endeavors to get this going, yet it’s misty exactly who this continuation may advantage — the individuals who affectionately or nostalgically review Kindergarten Cop presumably won’t like it, while those new to the first will get themselves confounded by the “2” in the title. The 58-year-old on-screen character plays a FBI specialists allocated to chase down touchy stolen information. While covert as a kindergarten instructor, the abrupt, old fashioned Agent Reed ends up inconsistent with the school’s liberal, politically remedy environment.

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