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Happy Bhaag Jayegi Movie Details :

Happy Bhag Jaegi Hindi Full Movie Watch Online todaypk Happy Bhag Jaegi Hindi Movie Online Download Free movierulz Full HD Movie. Diana Penty act as Happy. Abhay Deol act as Bilal Ahmed. Jimmy Shergill act as Daman Singh Bagga.

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Happy Bhag Jaegi Hindi Full Movie Watch Online Free Download (2016)

I was at that point intrigued by this motion picture in view of trailer. the trailer was radiant and the film didn’t disappoint it. it is a family motion picture. there is light drama. according to name Happy (Diana Panty) is in primary part however Abhay Deol assumed the acknowledgment for the motion picture. he is a decent performing artist however shockingly he didn’t get great parts. In any case, this motion picture is an incredible return for him. Jimmi Shergil is and Piyush Mishra again shaken.

both are extraordinary on-screen characters and merit much than their current circumstance in bollywood. Ali Fazal is simply time pass. I have seen his a few motion pictures Fukre, Fast and irate 7 and now Happy Bhaag jayegi yet in all film i didn’t get his distinctive feeling all over. his acting resemble doing same thing over and over. in any case, executive keep his part short so it is great. I healthily giggled in this motion picture ordinarily. they didn’t take India-Pakistan question on negative level. this distinction is changed in light comic drama. So at the last, I say MUST Watch movie.

From the trailer one would get inspired by the motion picture just to discover what might happen if a youthful lady of the hour unintentionally flees from outskirts of India to Pakistan. Would it be excessively grave results as anticipated by Sarjit? Would it resemble Bajrangi Bhaijaan? How the story essayist will take the story advance? In the first place half of motion picture is loaded with comic drama. Few in gathering of people can be seen blasting into noisy chuckling on the punch lines. These must be the individuals who comprehend Urdu words like ‘Tashrif’. Second half ought to have possessed the capacity to take the motion picture similarly or more elevated amount of satire.

Abhay Deol execution is great and common. General it a period pass. There won’t be a lament of squandering time and money.This film contains all excitement components. The giving is fantastic a role according to the motion picture. The film plot is elegantly composed. Jimmy Shergill and every other on-screen character and performers acting is great. The film is not in any manner exhausting. The film is very much coordinated. The discoursed are great. The science between the characters is great. Diana and Momal sheik are lovable to watch in the film. The film is of ‘must-watch’ type and can be watched commonly. The tunes in the film have consummate planning according to the story goes on. Aside from these, the film plot holds up till end.

Consequently, it’s a decent motion picture to watch with family as well and ought to be found in talkies as opposed to sitting at home and watching it.It is a happy film with throbs of reality and mockeries. Diana character in film is like Kangana in Tanu marries Manu and thus was not veritable. Indeed, even the character of Jimmy is rehashed in the film from Tanu marries Manu. In spite of needing of oddity, I will vindicate it from duplicacy in light of the fact that the script was new and reviving. Tinge of sentiment and heaps of laugh is the thing that makes this motion picture a success.I adored the volubility and inflexible nature of Diana’s character.

Abhay Deol celebrates his character flawlessly. Momal Shiek is new face and need to enhance her acting abilities enormously. I was captivated by the tune “Tera” of the movie.Direction-Well coordinated motion picture ,Mudassar Aziz had given a well narration.Screenplay-The run time of the motion picture is not long it’s an odd of 125 mins.This short run time is great in light of the fact that on the off chance that it would have been extended,it would have made a mess.this made the motion picture to be smooth and didn’t have a scene that would redirect the brains of the group of onlookers.

Starcast-The star cast was good.all were up to the mark.this kind of motion picture had its coordinated star cast.Abhay deol is astounding, Jimmy Sheirgill is completely great.Diana Penty was great and her familiarity with Hindi and Punjabi was amazing.Piyush Mishra is a treat to watch,he is such a flexible actor.His part in the film is something which no other performing artist would have suited to.He was fabulous, his exchanges were funny,hilarious sometimes.Other star cast were additionally great.

Music-The music and every one of the tunes are good,especially the melody “Aashiq tera” is basically awesome.background music is incredible. So music won’t frustrate you.

By and large This motion picture gives giggle furthermore had a passionate touch.Yes,the bearing And altering could have been more good,then it would have a superior exchange at the Box-office.But in the event that you need something to have a mix of all then go for this movie.My rating 7/10 stars.20 October 2016

‘Upbeat Bhaag Jayegi’ is the amaze of the year. This late comic drama, which opened to unobtrusive achievement, is a delightful comic drama, that is tied down by affable amusingness and staggering exhibitions.

‘Cheerful Bhaag Jayegi’ Synopsis: After escaping an orchestrated marriage, a feisty Indian lady gets herself stranded in Pakistan where the ex-senator’s child reunites her with her beau.

‘Cheerful Bhaag Jayegi’ is a fun watch. The hero is not exceptionally engaging (Diana Penty’s execution additionally disappoints), but rather the men here are radiantly amusing. The hen-picked child of an ex-senator (Abhay Deol), the government official left with no lady of the hour (Jimmy Shergill) and a blundering a cop in Pakistan (Piyush Mishra) are characters worth pulling for, despite the fact that the pace moderates in its second-hour, following a humorous first-hour. Essayist Director Mudassar Aziz conveys a fun story on affection, companionship and frenzy with vitality and silliness that really is amiable. Approve, not all jokes arrive right, particularly in the second-hour, yet the carefree nature and the windy feel of the story is difficult to detest. Aziz’s Writing is great and so is his Direction. Cinematography and Editing merit an uncommon specify.

Coming ideal to the Performances! Abhay Deol is a treat to watch and its so great to see him on-screen after a break. He’s fantastic all through. Jimmy Shergill is a hoot as the legislator left with no spouse. The fantastic on-screen character really sinks his teeth into the part and carries it out without a hitch. Piyush Mishra is comical! His adoration for Pakistan and his additional push to get Urdu right, positions among the film’s most interesting minutes. Kanwaljit Singh, as well, is in fine frame after quite a while.

Diana Penty as Happy and Ali Fazal as her darling, scarcely depart any impression.What if an Indian young lady awakens in Pakistan one fine morning? Furthermore, consider the possibility that she discovers, heave, the one she’s searching for over the outskirt. The introduce of Happy Bhaag Jayegi, guarantees you some great laughs since, well, who doesn’t care for the possibility of a beautiful young lady on the keep running looking for her Prince Charming? What’s more, the Pakistani areas—the picturesque spots around Lahore– ought to infuse some freshness, isn’t that so? We grin to start with. Energetic Amritsar Girl Happy’s (Diana Penty) heart pulsates for Guddu (Ali Fazal) however the way of intimate romance is strewn with stern fathers (Kanwaljeet), neighborhood awful kid match Bagga (Jimmy Shergill) and a coincidental Pakistani man of his word named Bilal Ahmed (Abhay Deol).

In any case, very soon, the joys of the film decrease, and we are left to fight for ourselves, searching for something that will make us chuckle, regardless of the possibility that it is feeble giggling. There is some of it, yet it is awfully discontinuous. The film invests a generous measure of energy in Pakistan, and an entire group of bright characters experimenting with their Urdu. Intense Pakistani cop (Piyush Mishra) who cherishes a few things Hindustani (TajMahal, Yusuf saab), Bilal’s dad (Javed Sheik) who needs him to join governmental issues, and his delightful promised (Momal Sheik) who takes a gander at this new young lady: is the Indian Happy going to sink her guides into her everything Pakistani Bilal? Done well, Happy Bhag Jayegi could have been a romping satire. Be that as it may, in spite of its intermittent disposable lines, and pleasant touches, it never meets up.

In the event that you need me to suspend doubt and get tied up with your entirely thought up plot, you must have the capacity to compose your way past the contraptions. This doesn’t happen. A portion of the throwing decisions are suspect. Penty has a wide-peered toward offer and an irresistible grin yet she is not a solid match for a Punjabi ‘pataka’. Also, some are excessively commonplace. Fazal has an unpleasant part and never lifts off the screen: envision being named a performer and never getting the opportunity to play or strum or sing. No, truly.

What’s more, some are excessively well known: Fazal has an unpleasant part and never lifts off the screen; Shergill has some entertaining lines however he is basically doing a rehash of his Tanu Weds Manu part.
Truth be told, the film has a few striking similarities to TWM, which fulfills sense in light of the fact that Bhag Jayegi is an Anand L Rai generation as well. Great to see Abhay Deol back ready after his unfortunate past excursion One By Two, and the truly exceptionally wash in-her-creator strings Momal Sheik (a mainstream TV performing artist who likewise happens to be Javed Sheik’s little girl) gives him something to take a shot at.

The third point in this triangle is touched upon yet its potential is never completely figured it out. What’s more, that goes for the film all in all. At the point when will our movies be better composed? A portion of the tender Indo-Pak exchange is clever however it turns out to be excessively extended. Furthermore, what was the need of the risible : ‘Kaisa desh hai, bandook na dikhao toh koi sunta howdy nahin hai’?

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Happy Bhag Jaegi Hindi Full Movie Watch Online Free Download (2016)

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