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Director: Sterling Macer Jr.
Writer: Sterling Macer Jr.
Stars: Sterling Macer Jr., Jaimi Paige, Victor Herminio Lopez

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Double Down Online Watch Free 2016



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Twofold Down is shot on area in the sprawling and dry deserts of Nevada, stood out cruelly from the indulgences of the Las Vegas strip. Instead of regard the city as a desert spring, Bren utilizes this chance to remark on the Bourgeois mythos of this urban focus, and the over the top assets which go into nourishing it. These visual references paint a shocking picture of bedlam and debasement that is consuming the straightforward magnificence of the characteristic scenes of America. At last the film is about absolution and transcending the torment of individual tragedy.mong stock footage of mists, the title card “Twofold Down” comes up, then the name “Neil Breen” and after that a couple of minutes after the fact “Created, Written, and Directed by Neil Breen.” That’s it – no different references to whatever remains of the (constrained) cast and team, imparting to us this is a vanity venture – land specialist turned-performing artist/chief Neil Breen’s child the distance. Long shots of the American southwest bring out a Manos/Birdemic vibe, and afterward we meet Neil Breen himself, playing “Aaron Brand”, a super mystery specialist with big time hacking aptitudes (first in his class in school in software engineering, military pilot with loads of awards, the top operator of the “Safeguard Intelligent Agency”, ready to control any administration PC or satellite from a tablet and some mobile phones in the desert). When he is relating his biography through voice-over (practically the whole length of the film), you could swear he was perusing his resume. Be that as it may, the administration killed his life partner thus now he acts as a terrorist. What a person! People, observing Double Down, I was really amazed. I had seen a few trailers for Breen’s “motion pictures” yet nothing set me up for what I was to encounter. After I watched it I took in an imperative lesson – never say so everyone can hear that a specific film is the most exceedingly bad motion picture ever constructed. Something else will soon surface that will make you eat those words.This Aaron Brand character continues endlessly with this portrayal of his for the whole 1 hour and 45 minutes of Double Down, and a large portion of it comprises of monologs about how amazing he is, and how much the United States government sucks for killing the adoration for his life (that he met when he was 7 years of age). Here are a few case of how brilliant super .

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