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Baaghi A Rebel for Love (2016) Movie Info:

Director: Sabir Khan
Writer: Sanjeev Datta
Stars: Shraddha Kapoor, Tiger Shroff, Sudheer Babu Posani
Language: Hindi
Genere: Action, Comedy, Romance

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Baaghi A Rebel for Love Hindi Full Movie Online Watch Free


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For all his knowledge that has descended the hundreds of years, Guruswamy does not realize that Raghav is really a medication master in Bangkok. The stage is set for the limited armed force named Ronnie to bring down Raghav’s domain, which Ronnie does with more excitement than he shows amid his romance. The 139-minute motion picture packs in melodies and a grinding parody track performed by Sanjay Mishra and Sumit Gulati and even permits Sia to crush a couple heads in, and it holds intrigue just when its elastic bodied legend is on the screen. Shroff is much more happy with utilizing his clench hands than his facial muscles, yet his obvious combative technique aptitudes makes him a commendable successor to the rock confronted East Asian lights of the genre.It is uncommon open door that you get the chance to say excellence and activity in the same sentence in a Hindi film. “Baaghi” and all the more vitally Tiger Shroff demonstrate to us that there can be a colossal measure of magnificence and beauty in the way one kicks and punches arranged goons.

In a charmingly astonishing change from his cumbersome presentation in ‘Heropanti’, Tiger’s hardwork in sharpening himself is more than apparent in his second excursion. It is an unadulterated enjoyment to watch this youthful performing artist move his well deserved body without breaking a sweat.

Kaajal, who has just as of late landed at the whorehouse is still a virgin, has resolutely declined to be a whore. This is the reason Jaggu, who runs the house of ill-repute, is beating her. At the point when at last alone with Saajan as a paying customer (in spite of the fact that he doesn’t do anything with her), Kaajal discloses to him how she was compelled to search for work after her guardians’ passings: This at last prompted her setting out to Bombay and being hijacked by Dhanraj and compelled to work in Jaggu’s whorehouse. Because of Leelabai, the madame who runs the massage parlor, Saajan can invest energy with Kaajal, and Kaajal is by one means or another ready to oppose turning into a whore. Saajan and Kaajal experience passionate feelings for, and he tries to figure out how to get her out of the massage parlor before Kaajal surrenders trust.At the point when Saajan is at long last ready to acquaint Kaajal with his guardians, they — as anyone might expect — reject the thought of his wedding a young lady from a house of ill-repute, regardless of the possibility that she was taken there without wanting to and is from a respectable crew. Subsequent to Saajan’s dad, Col. Sood, was at that point furious with his child for declining to take after family custom to join the Indian armed force, this is the issue that crosses over into intolerability.

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